Story Night – Surah Yusuf

By January 2, 2017Events
The Qur’an calls it the ‘best of stories‘…
Betrayed by his brothers due to envy, Prophet Yusuf (AS) was left in a well only to be sold into slavery.
Tempted by a beautiful woman, Prophet Yusuf (AS) resisted out of fear of Allah (SWT)
Accused of a crime he didn’t commit, he was unjustly imprisoned.
Truthful dream interpretations gained him the trust of a King.
Intelligence, piety, and patience saw him become a leader.
Forgiveness and love reunited him with his family.
These are just some of the issues addressed in the Story of Yusuf (AS). Come and join us as we learn about different trials and how best to deal with them. Learn valuable lessons taken from the Qur’an and apply them to your life today.
Mothers’ room available with audio link facility.

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