Usool al-Tafsir

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Usool al-Tafsir
 In the second course from the “Introduction to Islamic sciences” series we will be examining three main areas concerning the major principles in tafsir:

Firstly, we will look into the meanings of tafsir and ta’weel and the differences between the two. We will be introduced to the main books of tafsir, both past and present. We will briefly discuss their content and some of the issues therein. Then we will look into the errors often made by people in tafsir when they are not sufficiently qualified in the science.
Whilst discussing the sciences of The Quran, (uloom al Quran), Dr Akram Nadwi will explain some concepts in the discipline such as abrogation and oaths. In addition, we shall delve into the style of the Arabic and look at the significance and meanings of the parables and stories from the book.

The third section is dedicated to exploring the basic principles one must follow in tafsir. Sheikh Akram Nadwi will explain the difference between tafsir by transmission (bir-riwaayah) and tafsir by opinion (bir-rai). Finally, we will look at the importance of contemplation (tadabbur) of the Quran and conclude with an examination of the coherence of the Quran from the perspective of Maulana Faraahi. 
The “Introduction to Islamic Sciences” series consists of 6 sessions (each lasting a full day)
covering the study of:
• Quran (17th Feb 2018)
• Usool Tafsir ( 25th Mar 2018)
• Hadith (Date TBC)
• Usool Hadith (Date TBC)
• Fiqh (Date TBC)
• Usool Fiqh (Date TBC)
Plus your chance to have your most pertinent questions answered by one of the most renowned scholars of our time. Simply not to be missed.

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Islamic Sciences – Usool al-Tafsir

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