The Four Madhahib

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The Four Madhahib

The four schools of thought are a constant source of confusion and debate in the Muslim community. This essential course give you an introduction to the various schools of thought within Islam, their origins, development and an open discussion of their importance and place in society today.

This course taught by Sheikh Akram Nadwi aims to teach the etiquettes of following a madhab and the correct attitude towards those with differing opinions. Examples from the lives of the companions and the great scholars will be given to shed more light on the matter. Many of the misconceptions around the topic will be explained in detail.

This is your opportunity to have some of your most pertinent questions finally answered by a qualified scholar:

How can one ensure they are following authentic guidelines and rulings? 
Does one need to follow a particular madhab / school of thought all the time?
Is one Madhab better than the others?
Why were the madhahib necessary when they were developed? 
Why can scholars not start a new school of thought?
Can we leave them all and just be muslims?

An brief overview will also be given on the biographies and efforts of the founders and contributors of the 4 main madhabs.

This is a fantastic opportunity definitely not to be missed.

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Course Fee:
Adults: £20 -The Four Madhahib (Adult)
Students: £10 –The Four Madhahib (Student)
LIVE ONLINE WEBCAST: £35 The Four Madhahib (Webcast)

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Saturday 25th March 9:30am – 5:30pm
Venue: European Institute of Islamic Sciences,79 Manchester Road, Oldham, OL8 4LN

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