At the European Institute of Islamic Sciences, our teachers hail from all walks of life, but are specialists in the fields that they teach.

Our Teachers

Shaykh Hammad Ur Rahman Fahim

Shaykh Hammad Ur Rahman Fahim memorised the Quran at the age of 14 at Darul Ulum in Bolton (UK) and his preliminary Islamic studies were under the tutelage of his father, Maulana Ikhlas al-Rahman. After completing his A- levels, Shaykh Fahim continued his studies and gained a Diploma in Arabic Language, moving on to study Shariah at the Institut Européen des Sciences (France). He graduated from the prestigious Al-Azhar University in the Faculty of Shariah (Egypt) with a BA (Hons) degree in Islamic Jurisprudence. He has also gained ijazah (classical certification) in several Qirat, including Hafs, Warsh and Hamzah. Shaykh Fahim has a great passion for studying and teaching Quranic subjects with a special focus on the eloquence of the Quranic language and Quranic exegesis. Currently teaches Arabic and the Quran at one of Britain\’s top private Islamic schools in Manchester.

Shaykh Wael Al Badawi

Shaykh Wael Al Badawy completed his early education in Syria before doing a BA Hons In Islamic Studies in Omdurman Univerisity in Sudan. He then went on to do MA in Islamic Studies at Al Fatih University Damascus Syria and a MA Degree in Education at University of Gloucester. Shaykh Wael has taught Arabic and Quran at various institutions such as the Sheikh Ahmad Kuftaro Institute from 2000 – 2010, 2012 KD Grammer School, and currently teaches at Altrincham Grammar School for Boys and William Hulme Grammer School.

Ustadh Abid Khan

Ustadh Abid Khan graduated in law at MMU, he has a PGCE and was a lecturer in Busness and Law at Sixth Form College. Ustadh Abid Khan is currently pursuing his BA in Islamic Studies at Al Azhar University Cairo and has completed his third year. He is also undertaking an MA in Islamic Education at the Markfield Institute for Higher Education.

Ustadh Nasar Ishfaq

Nasar is currently completing his studies in Architecture at Manchester University, he began studying in Manchester under Ustadh Kifayatullah and then Sh. Abu Eesa Niamatullah with whom he studied Hanbali Fiqh and al-Adab al-Mufard. He then studied with Sh. Kehlan al-Jubury the sciences of Tafsir, Aqidah, Fiqh, Hadith and Adab. Br. Nasar remains a close student of both Sh. Abu Eesa and Sh. Kehlan, during this time he also began studying Tajweed and how teaches Tajweed to adults.