Course overview

Here one memorises necessary proclamations of faith to supplications and invocations needed for prayer, as well as, supplications pertaining to everyday life such that one is in the remembrance of Allah throughout the day. One eventually moves onto committing selected portions of the Quran to memory and then committing the entire Quran to memory InshaAllah.

Hifdh ul Qur’an (Memorisation Course)

This course is for serious and committed students that can read the Qur’an fluently and have at least already studied Tajweed level 1 (rules of Tajweed) or equivalent. In this course students will attempt memorising their chosen Juzz with close monitoring and support from one of our qualified teachers. Successful students at the end of this course will progress onto memorising further chapters of the Qur’an within the Institute.


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Higher IJAZAH (Certificate) in Hifdh

The student memorizes the entire Quran mastering its recitation with the rules of tajweed. After completely memorizing the Quran, the student is then eligible to obtain an ijaza To obtain an ijaza a student must recite the entire Quran to the teacher letter by letter with great precision. Also, the student must memorize the couplets written by Imam Ibn al Jazari and understand them. Afterwards, if the teacher sees fit, the student receives the ijaza in the Quran, meaning that he/she has a direct connection to the Prophet (SAW) through a line of teachers.This class will be especially for advanced students and those who are innately gifted and wish to improve their recitation by learning different intonations of recitation. The students will be handpicked by the teacher and will receive special attention.