Al Itqaan Ramadan Bootcamp 2017

By May 25, 2017Events
Ramadan Bookcamp 2017

Join us in this blessed month to re-establish your connection with the Quran like never before at the EIIS.
This is an exclusive Ramadan workshop for young and mature students who desire to learn the basics of recitation and for those who wish to memorise key Surahs of the Quran including Surah Al Rahman and Surah Yasin and other selective Surahs and verses.

– Classes will be taught by Imams leading the Taraweeh and and by qualified teachers.
– Classes will include reminders and ramadan related advice to make the most of the month.
– Memorisation tips will be given along with extensive feedback for those aspiring to learn and improve on their recitation.
– Students who excel will receive scholarship to join Al Itqan 2017/18
– Effective teaching strategies. This will include a collective recitation and memorisation targets and other group tasks. .

Join us for a Ramadhan exclusive workshop and rediscover the Quran in the month of Quran.

This is provisional depending on availability and suitability:

Classes will take place between 6-8, Mon, Wed, Sat.

Please register your interest by clicking the button below and filling out the form. Jazakallahu khairan.


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