Quran for Young Adults

By March 19, 2015Courses

The QFYA is an engaging and accessible study of the Quran dealing with many common challenges and issues that the young adult faces in society today. The comprehensive study will equip them with relevant advice and counsel taken from the Quran to deal with the demands of social pressures and reinform them about their beliefs. Join us and be informed and inspired by the Quran.

The course will be running every Thursdays for a total of 12 weeks starting 23rd April from 7:30 pm to 9 pm. This course is geared towards 14 year olds and above. QFYA will be delivered by Sheikh Hammadur Rahman Fahim. For more info, check our facebook page or email us at info@eiis.org.uk

The course is free for prospective participants however you are required to register for this course. Notes will be provided and you are requested to make a small contribution towards it.


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