Paving the Way – Raising Muslim Children

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Raising Muslim Children
Paving The Way: Raising Muslim Children

The concern for our children is a fundamental part of life that has been highlighted in The Quran through the lives of the Prophets.

However, the pace of 21st century life is threatening the very concept of “a family” and is making it ever more difficult to raise children who aspire to be like the prophets or the sahaba. Perhaps now, more than ever, muslim parents and teachers are in need of guidance on how to raise bright, confident and responsible children who love and understand their religion given the surroundings we live in. How can we raise children who sway neither this way nor that way in response to pressure but stay firm on a clear path with a purpose in life? What can we learn from The Quran and Sunnah in this regard?
Join us for this truly unmissable course by the highly esteemed Shaykh Dr. Mohammad Akram Nadwi.

This course presents a rare opportunity to critically address the following issues:
  • The essential qualities children need for a fulfilled and fruitful life
  • How to “nurture” children
  • How to become good role models for our children
  • The effects of consumerism and technology on family life
  • Secular vs religious education
  • Confidence and aspiration
  • Justice in the home

Plus your chance to have your most pertinent questions answered by one of the most renowned scholars of our time. Simply not to be missed.

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