Islamic Workshops for teens course
• A practical and engaging course for 21st Century Young Muslims
• Equipping young Muslims with the knowledge and tools to understand Islam and the
world around them.
• A character and value based learning programme 

Course Fee £299 (1 Year)

Islamic Workshops 4 Teens is a course designed solely for Muslim youth
between the ages of 14-18. The workshops are designed to keep youth
engaged throughout the course with exciting activities, discussions and
relevant topics.
The course will cover topics like:
 The music and entertainment industry
 Social media and lifestyle
 Fashion
 Islamic identity
 Friends and Family
 Gender interaction
 Leadership
 Life lessons from the Quran and Hadith
 Life lessons of the Prophets and the Companions of the Prophet SAW
 Islamic practices
 Islamic beliefs

IW4T Workshops focus is to have teens attend and enjoy while retaining
tangible life skills and Islamic knowledge; making them more conscious of the
decisions they make on an everyday basis. It is to set the foundation of our
coming generations for success in this life and the next. InshaAllah.
Our instructors are young and educated in their religion and have been raised
in the West.

The Subjects in more detail.

The articles of belief
The Existence of God from a philosophical and rational perspective

Fiqh of Taharah
Fiqh of Salah
Salah and Spirituality
Ramadan and Spirituality
Basic Fiqh of Zakah

Quran & Arabic
Reflections on selected ayahs of the Quran
Quranic vocabulary and key words.

Reflections on selected Ahādeeth of the (Prophet saw)

Islam and 21st Century Issues
LGBTQX: Homosexuality and Gender Identity
Sex Education
Smoking and drugs
Puberty & Body Image /cosmetic surgery
Love & relationships
Who are our Role models
Social media – a force for good e-safety?
Music & Entertainment industry
Character Building
Setting goals
Qualities of a Muslim
Positive minds
Confidence and Self-belief, Body Image: The balance between self-love and arrogance
The sins: Backbiting, Lying, Cheating
Tawbah – seeking repentance
Patience and anger
Personal Development & Skills
Communication and Collaboration
Aspirations and Career Planning
Organisational Skills
Studying and Revision Skills

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