Candlelight Arabic Programme

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Candlelight Arabic Programme

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Starting 21st september 2015

Our key objectives of the Candlelight Arabic Programme are listed as follows:

Course Objectives

  • To understand the Quran
  • Comprehension of modern texts and classical texts relating to the study of the Quran.
  • Writing and conversational skills
  • Building a strong foundation to progress onto the ‘Aalimiyyah’ programme


The Candlelight Arabic Programme is a 9-month intensive study of the Arabic language designed to enable students to appreciate the subtle literary features unique to the Quran as a well as developing a strong command in the Arabic Language. The study will also include, a study of Modern Standard Arabic so that students may be well acquainted to understand the contemporary usage of the Arabic Language. The course has been designed for those who are looking to take a gap year from studies or work and similarly for anyone willing to dedicate 9 hours a week to the programme during off peak hours.

In order for the course to meet these objectives effectively, the Arabic programme has been carefully designed and tailored with sufficient time allocated to each area of study including speaking and writing. We hope this will expose students to a holistic study of the Arabic language.

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