Candlelight Arabic Programme


The Candlelight Arabic Programme is a 10-month intensive study of the Arabic language designed to enable students to appreciate the subtle literary features unique to the Quran as well as developing a strong command in the Arabic Language. The study will also include, a study of Modern Standard Arabic so that students may be well acquainted to understand the contemporary usage of the Arabic Language. The course has been designed for those who are looking to take a gap year from studies or work and similarly for anyone willing to dedicate 9 hours a week to the programme during evening hours.

In order for the course to meet these objectives effectively, the Arabic programme has been carefully designed and tailored with sufficient time allocated to each area of study including speaking and writing. We hope this will expose students to a holistic study of the Arabic language.

Candlelight Arabic not only teaches you Qur’anic Arabic but also equips you with the necessary skills to understand something from every chapter, page and line from the Holy Qur'an. The programme is a must for anyone who seriously and sincerely wants to strengthen their relationship with the Qur’an.

Noreen AkhtarCandlelight Arabic Programme Year 1 Participant

The Candlelight Arabic programme has been a brilliant stepping stone in enabling me to understand and communicate in Arabic. The consistency of the classes really help cement a good foundation for Arabic grammar and communication. Of course the purpose of learning Arabic is to be able to understand the Qur'an as it was originally revealed. I can thus say, I now feel a lot more confident in being able to use what I learned in order to make sense of what I'm reciting. Before I may have known phrase or vocabulary in Arabic but now, there are chunks of passages from the Qur'an which are comprehensible, it flows and its more than understanding the general gist but rather understanding who is saying what to whom. I highly recommend this programme to anyone looking for a solid stepping stone to approaching the Qur'an.

Marjan JamalCandlelight Arabic Programme Year 1 Participant

Its a great blessing that in Manchester we have a 9 months intensive Arabic course. The course is very intensive yet well balanced, the best thing is that you learn both grammer and speaking and the course is filled with small reminders and references bringing it back to the Quran. The teachers are highly qualified, engaging, considerate and passionate about teaching arabic. This is not your average course or your average institution, EIIS really make you feel part of the family.

Zubair FarooqCandlelight Arabic Programme Year 1 Participant

I really enjoyed doing the Candlelight Arabic course. I was initially worried because I thought I wouldn't have time or be able to commit because of work but alhamdulillah it didn't feel like that at all! Attending the course was much easier than I expected and I realised I was worried for nothing.

Nishat KhanCandlelight Arabic Programme Year 1 Participant

I applied for the course due to a desire to want to connect with the Qur'an, desiring to understand the text like many of us do. Wanting to connect better with the words of Allah during Salah so we can take benefits into our daily lives.

However what I have recieved is more than just what I signed up for.

From sitting in private classes by teachers like Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan, to getting that "good companionship" people always insist you should have when trying to "better yourself".

The candlelight gives you more than you sign up for. And that's connecting with the book of Allah, and the Sunnahs of Rasoollulah PBUH in ways that you could only have dreamt of.

May Allah bless everyone involved for the beauties it has left me with.

Saiful IslamCandlelight Arabic Programme Year 1 Participant

Interactive, fun and intense are just some of the words I can use to describe the candlelight arabic course.

For me, at a time when I was feeling demotivated, Candlelight reignited the desire of learning arabic within me. Alhamdulilah for our fantastic teachers who have my eternal gratitude, made our learning an experience that I will forever cherish.

I highly recommend that you enrol onto this arabic course and begin to witness your life change.

Sameer MohammedCandlelight Arabic Programme Year 1 Participant

I could never thank Allah enough for providing me with such a great opportunity in my hometown to study Arabic. An amazing 9 month journey which not only teaches you Arabic, but allows you to engage in other activities and broaden your knowledge in so many other areas, Islam being the number one.
The course itself is fantastic. The way it is structured makes a difficult language like Arabic simple and easy to learn.
My mother always said, having a good teacher is a great blessing. At candlelight we have great teachers who are highly qualified who will do everything they can to help you progress in your learning journey. As Muslims we should all be striving to learn the language of the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad SAW and therefore I highly recommend you enrol on to this course.

Hasanat AkhtarCandlelight Arabic Programme Year 1 Participant

Course Objectives


To Understand the Quran


To read a range of Arabic texts independently


Develop listening and speaking skills


Building a strong foundation to progress onto Year 2

Course Components

Building Blocks - Nahw and Sarf

Building blocks introduces students to the two essential disciplines of nahw (grammar) and sarf (morphology) that provide the essential structure of the language. Students learn to identify these structures in texts and practice them to perfection in order to produce accurate speech and writing themselves. The year begins with modern introductory texts progressing on to nahw and sarf.

Comprehension - Reading and Listening

Candlelight exposes students to a wide range of texts throughout the year. Whilst the main focus will be Quran and tafsir related works, texts from other disciplines include hadith, history, fiqh and sirah. Candlelight exposes students to the works of modern literary figures and scholars. Students are trained in developing their listening skills by engaging with modern media such as videos, websites and online publications. Listening consolidates vocabulary learning by demonstrating it\’s correct usage.

Communication - Speaking and Writing

Communication provides students with specialist training in writing and speaking in Arabic, after having acquired a sizeable vocabulary and a good grasp of the structures of Arabic. Writing tasks include summarising topics that have been studied, short articles and essays. Students are trained to speak and present in Arabic. This includes khutbahs (sermons), inspirational speeches and general conversation.


Candlelight equips students with Arabic wisdoms, proverbs and poetic verses committed to memory. This enables students to internalise the language and trains them to think in Arabic.

The Candlelight Lectures

Candlelight hosts specialists and guest lecturers from time to time who deliver exclusive presentations on various aspects of Arabic and Islamic studies. Throughout the year we had guest lecturers deliver insightful and motivating presentations:

  • Shaykh Abdullah al-Judai (Vice-president of the European Council of Fatwa & Research)

  • Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan (CEO, Bayyinah)

  • Ustadh Saqib Hussain (, specialist in Tafseer)

  • Dr Usaama al-Azami (PhD Islamic Studies, Princeton University)

  • Ustadh Baha Bader (Arab Tongue Institute, Jordan)

  • Ms Hannah Bird (English teacher, PR officer, Arabic speaker)

  • Shaykh Yasser Mamdouh (Teacher and Qari, Egypt)

Term Breakdown & Course Logistics

  • Contemplation
  • Building Blocks
  • Comprehension
  • Contemplation
  • Building Blocks
  • Comprehension
  • Communication
  • Contemplation
  • Al-Ajrumiyyah
  • Comprehension
  • Communication
Application Process
→ Applications to be submitted by Sunday 16th September 2018
→ Course starts 22nd  September 2018 tentatively
Course Structure
⇒ 9 hours a week – Mondays (6.45 – 9.15 pm) / Tuesdays (6.45 – 9.15 pm), Thursdays (6.45 – 9.15 pm) and Saturdays (10 am – 2 pm).
⇒ Total weeks: 34
⇒ Total hours: 315
EIIS is a non-profit organisation. We endeavour to provide courses that are affordable and of good quality. Many of the courses have been subsidised and made possible only through the generous donations of well wishers. We need students to pay the course fees so that we can continue to offer our courses at subsidised rates.

The fee for the 1 year Candlelight Arabic Programme is £1200.
The terms of payment are as follows:
Single Payment
» If full payment is made before or on commencement of the course you will receive a discount of £150 and only pay £1050.
Installments Option
» 1st Payment: £400.00 on day of registration and latest by second week of the course.
» 2nd Payment: £400.00 in first week of Month 2.
» 3rd Payment: £400.00 in first week of Month 3.

Support for course fees may be available for limited number of exceptional students who meet criteria from the sponsorship programme.


Download the Course brochure by clicking HERE