Candlelight Arabic Programme Year 2

Candlelight Arabic Programme Year 2 is a continuation of Year 1 of the programme. The programme will of similar format delivered over 3 days during the week. The year 2 programme is primarily for the Candlelight Year 1 students but anyone with similar aptitude as Year 1 students can join the Year 2 programme upon completion of entrance exam.


Candidates will actively develop:

  • A working knowledge of intermediate to advanced Nahw and Sarf.

  • An introductory knowledge of the following disciplines through Arabic texts: principles of TafseerHadith and Fiqh.

  • A working knowledge of Quranic disciplines: ‘Ulum al Quran, Balagha and I’rab.

  • Applying knowledge of Nahw and Sarf to Qur’an, Hadith and other classical literature.

  • Arabic comprehension and expression in speech.

  • Independent research skills focussed on Tafseer.


Successful completion of Candlelight Stage One


Successful completion of the entrance exam