Al Muhawarah

Al Muhawarah Arabic conversational programme is a beginners entry level 1 course in Arabic which provides a 10 week immersive and enriching experience to help you begin to speak the language in the shortest time possible. The course is led by qualified and expert teachers who will help you to understand and communicate in Arabic confidently without an over-emphasis on the technicalities of language. 

Starting 12 th January 2019
Limited number of places
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07434 981 786 – 0161 2981 786

Course Fee: £89

Structure of course:

Summary of Course Contents
Week 1
– Nationalities, Countries and Peopleالجنسية والبلاد والناس
– The Middle East (Capital Cities)
– Geographic Position

Week 2
– Talking about Country of Origin من أي بلد أنت؟
– Numbers 1-10 and Currencies With Relevant Rules
– Counting Things
Week 3
– In the Marketفي السوق؟
– How many? How much? كم؟ وبكم؟
– Describing What You Have, What You Want
– Going Shopping

Week 4
– Attending a Party الحفلة
– Gender Agreement In Noun and Adjective Words
– Colours

Week 5
– Talking about The Past (past verbs)ماذا حدث أمس؟
– Introduction to Dual and Some Plural Patterns
– Introduction to Past Tense Verbs

Week 6
– Talking about the Weather? كيف الطقس؟
– Numbers 11-100
– Talking About Holidays
– Writing Postcards

Week 7
– Days Of The Week أيام الأسبوع 
– Using A Dictionary
– Describing Daily Routines
Week 8
– Basic Media Vocabulary
– More About Daily Routine
– Word Order, Reading and Writing

Week 9
– Singular and Plural Verbs
– More about Idafa
– Writing Practice
Week 10
– Conversation Practice
– Revision, review And Test



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