Al Itqaan Comprehensive (Tajweed & Tafseer)

Tajweed & Tafseer

Reflect on the verses of the Quran and recite with Tajweed.
New course starting 12 th January 2019
Saturday 2.00pm-3.30pm
Students registering for this course will have a great opportunity to learn how to
recite the Quran with tajweed rules as well learn tafseer of five  surahs of Holy Quran 

Course Fee £150 (1 Year) 

Connect with the word of Allah through it’s recitation and reflection. Many of us want to connect to the Quran but are unsure of how to go about it – how should we approach this book? What is it telling us?
This course is designed to impart simple reusable tools for students to feel empowered in understanding and using the Quran as a guidance in their daily lives. The theory and practical application of tajweed will also be covered, helping students feel confidence and enjoyment in reciting the Quran the way it was revealed to our beloved Messenger SAW.
Course content: this course will use Surah Fatihah and the last ten Surahs as a case study in appreciating the Quranic message, since these are the Surahs most often recited in our daily prayers. Thereafter students will be led through longer Surahs via engaging guided discussions and reflections.

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