The European Institute of Islamic Sciences, abbreviated EIIS is a non-denominational organisation committed to developing Muslim leaders with a firm foundation in the classical Islamic sciences who are equipped to deal with the specific needs of contemporary societies and Muslims living in Europe

By aspiring for excellence, combining classical Islamic knowledge with the present and instilling a spiritual revitalisation we aim to prepare individuals who are well balanced, have a strong link with their Creator and have the tools to understand Islam as a living, viable, and relevant faith, and who represent that faith with dignity, wisdom, and honour

We realise that as Muslims living in Europe these are times of tremendous pressures and challenges with difficult issues upon us which can only be addressed with an approach that is respectful of traditional knowledge, tolerant of different schools of thoughts and one which promotes unity, mutual understanding and an in-depth analysis of the Islamic Sciences as well as a crucial insight to applying this knowledge appropriately according to varying circumstances and the wider context

Our Vision

Aspiring for Excellence

Instilling Sound Knowledge

Nurturing tomorrows Leaders

The EIIS aims to collaborate with other institutions in order to promote an objective, comprehensive and a diverse learning experience