The Devil’s Deception (Talbis Iblis)

By September 13, 2017Courses
The Devil's Deception

In a state of complete arrogance and enmity, Iblis (satan) vowed to endeavour to push mankind away from the straight path. Ibn al-Jawzi enumerates within his book Talbis Iblis, the many mechanisms used by Iblis to mislead mankind, especially the believers. He states that it is of particular value and importance to study Iblis’s ways because only by unearthing and highlighting some of his traps can we avoid them as well as navigate others away from falling into them.

Join us for this truly unmissable course by the highly esteemed Shaykh Dr. Mohammad Akram Nadwi.

This course presents a rare opportunity to critically address the following issues:
  • The status, objective and role of Iblis
  • The powers and abilities of Iblis
  • The misguiding mechanisms of Iblis
  •  The various forms of deception employed by Iblis
  • The means of protection from Iblis

Plus your chance to have your most pertinent questions answered by one of the most renowned scholars of our time. Simply not to be missed.

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